Sunday, July 31, 2011

Comic-Con 2011 Recap: 158 Exclusive Interviews, 135 Stories, and 308 Videos

MovieWeb smashes through another year of Comic-Con

It's been one full week since a billion sexy nerds descended upon San Diego for their annual Comic-Con event, which has become the premiere Hollywood launching pad for just about everything in the way of entertainment. This was a strange year, as no one property walked away from the grit, glitz, glamour, and geek sweat of the experience better for showing off its wares to what has become a very bored public.

It's true. If Comic-Con 2011 will be remembered for anything, it's the ennui that lingered around most attendees like the stench of the dead. They didn't want to be impressed, and even the Twihards stayed quiet when it came to their precious The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. Maybe that's because, four years into the franchise, they know damn well what they're going to get. There was an enthusiastic showing, one of the biggest ever, for Glee's Hall H presentation. But again, no real news or new excitement for the property has sunk deep into the public's consciousness. No one said, "Dang, Glee Season 3 is going to Rock!"

SDCC 2011 wasn't without incident, though. The scuffles in and around the convention center floor have gotten more intense in recent years. Back when Twilight made its San Diego debut, a young, passionate tweenage girl was hauled away in handcuffs for aggressively picketing the casting choice of Robert Pattinson in the role of Edward Cullen. Last year an attendee stabbed another audience member in the eye with a pencil after fighting over a seat. This year's big brouhaha actually involved one of the stars of, quite possibly, the biggest comic book movie making a splash at SDCC 2011.

That's right, folks. You don't mess with the lizard. The Amazing Spider-Man's own Rhys Ifans was arrested on suspicion of battery after an alleged altercation with a security guard. He pushed the female badge checker in a hostile manner after she turned away a member of his entourage for not having proper identification. Cursing was involved, and the guard, who didn't know who was yelling at her (she'd reportedly never seen any of Rhys Ifans movies), screamed citizen's arrest. The actor, who was under the influence of alcohol at the time, was issued a citation for misdemeanor battery and later released. Of course, today, according to Reps for Sony Pictures, the actor claims to "deeply regret the incident."

That off-sort of danger didn't stop us from hitting all of the red carpet press lines, where we caught up with some of today's biggest stars to talk about their (sort-of, but not really) awaited future projects. Contained here is the best coverage from SDCC 2011 all in one convenient place. We did 135 Stories, 158 Exclusives and 308 Videos! Now behold what that truly entails in our list below.

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