Friday, December 27, 2013

Nazis Battle Dinosaurs and Vikings in Kung Fury Trailer!

Lovers of awesome, kick-ass Drive-In cinema may feel compelled to pledge a donation to a movie for the first time in their lives after watching the teaser trailer for Kung Fury, which features a Kung Fu renegade cop who must travel through time to stop Adolf Hitler with the help of giant Vikings and dinosaurs. The trailer pretty much speaks for itself (we've included an extended trailer that also introduces filmmaker David Sandberg). This is an absolute must-see for a certain group of movie fanatics (you know who you are, prepare to fall in love). If you're like us, after you watch this incredible footage, you'll want to see the entire movie as soon as possible. Prepare for the best thing you'll see all day, and then read on for how you can help usher this into theaters sooner than later: clickHere

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Kung Fury is an over-the-top action comedy written and directed by David Sandberg. The movie features: arcade-robots, dinosaurs, nazis, vikings, norse gods, mutants and a super kung fu-cop called Kung Fury, all wrapped up in an 80s style action packed adventure.

During an unfortunate series of events a friend of Kung Fury is assasinated by the most dangerous kung fu master criminal of all time; Adolf Hitler, a.k.a Kung Führer. Kung Fury decides to travel back in time, to Nazi Germany, in order to kill Hitler and end the Nazi empire once and for all. Kung Fury is a visually spectacular action comedy that has it's foundation in 80s cop movies.

Here is a message from director David Sandberg.

"When I started this project over a year ago I was driven by a strong will, love for the 80s and action movies to create a unique movie that the world has never seen, which has taken to a finished trailer and enough material to create a 30 minute long film. This with help of friends and giddy days. This movie has been made on a very limited budget. At the beginning of this project I took $ 5000 of my own money and just started shooting whenever I and my friends had time.

Kung Fury takes place in a variety of exotic locations; 1980s Miami, Asgard and Germany in the 1940s, to name a few. With a limited budget to work with, we had to solve this by shooting most of the scenes against a greenscreen backdrop.

Shooting on greenscreen means that we have to recreate these environments digitally instead. The advantage of shooting on greenscreen is that it doesn't require expensive sets or locations to shoot, it is very simple and only requires a small crew, which helped a lot in keeping the costs down. However, once you're done shooting a movie like this, there's a massive post-production phase that requires a lot of time and effort by talented visual effects artists.

Hence kickstarter and the wish for you to get involved in this project, where all my dedication remains and where my goal is to finish this movie and share it with the world.

With the kickstarter funding we'll hire a team of 7 visual effects artists who will work closely with David Sandberg on the post-production for a period of 6 months to complete the film. Pretty much every shot in this film requieres some form of visual effects treatment so there's a lot of work to be done. Apart from creating all the environments digitally, there's a lot of CG animated characters such as dinosaurs and robots that requires talented people and lots of time. To hire these artists we need to be able to pay them a decent salary. Money will also go to hire an exceptional artist to create the artwork for the movie poster. It will have that classic, illustrated 80s style that you rarely see anymore. Costs will also go to the rewards, such as printing costs for posters and stickers, t-shirts, blu-rays etc.

We're open to all the help we can get, so if you're a 3D artist, 3D animator, visual effects artist, compositor, or if you feel like contribute to this movie in any way not mentioned here, please contact us at:

No man should be left empty handed, so we've put together packages of exclusive rewards for each donator, all from t-shirts and posters to the soundtrack by Mitch murder and Lost years. Find more about the rewards on the panel to the right.

If this kickstarter campain is successful, we will release this 30 minute film online, for free. We want everybody to be able to watch and enjoy this film. It is our dream to be able to expand this into a full feature film. And if we were to exceed our kickstarter goal that something we want to look into."

To help with the project, you can pledge your donations at KickStarter: clickHere

Kung Fury comes to theaters in 2014.

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Two New The Wolf of Wall Street Featurettes

The Wolf of Wall Street has become the most polarizing film of the holiday season. Most critics are hailing it as a modern day classic paralleled only by Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas. Others are appalled by this expose on a New York stockbroker who refuses to cooperate in a large securities fraud case involving corruption on Wall Street, the corporate banking world and mob infiltration. Some are confused by the message the film delivers. In theaters now, two new behind-the-scenes featurettes have been released, which take the viewer deep into this world for a better understanding of what Martin Scorsese has set out to accomplish. The first is a profile on star Leonardo DiCaprio, who plays real-life former stockbroker Jordan Belfort. The second takes a look at Martin Scorsese's 'Wolf'. Check them out, and then see the movie for yourself this weekend.

The Wolf of Wall Street was released December 25th, 2013 and stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew McConaughey, Margot Robbie, Jonah Hill, Cristin Milioti, Jon Bernthal, Ethan Suplee, Jon Favreau. The film is directed by Martin Scorsese.

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Tim's Vermeer Trailer

Sony Pictures Classics has released the first trailer for the new documentary Tim's Vermeer. Magicians Penn & Teller investigate the methods of Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer, whose photo-realistic paintings were made over 150 years before the invention of the camera. Inventor Tim Jenison tries to recreate these photos using technology from that era, unearthing revelations that could shock the art community. In addition, we have two clips from this film, directed by Teller, which is currently playing in limited release and expands to more theaters in 2014.

Tim's Vermeer was released December 6th, 2013 and stars Colin Blakemore, David Hockney, Tim Jenison, Penn Jillette, Martin Mull, Philip Steadman. The film is directed by Teller.

Read the full article at: Tim's Vermeer Trailer from - MovieWeb

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View From The Top (2003) - Used - Digital Video Disc (Dvd)

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bill & Ted 3 Is Ready But Needs Financing Says Keanu Reeves

Back in November, Alex Winter confirmed that Bill & Ted 3 is still in the works, despite Keanu Reeves' comments from September that a "darkness" has fallen upon the highly-anticipated sequel. During an interview with Today for 47 Ronin, Keanu Reeves confirmed that they are still looking for financing, while revealing that the characters evolve in the sequel.

"Yeah, there's a story; there's a script. We're trying to get the dough together to make this crazy story. I can talk about it, but I shouldn't talk about it. They do indeed evolve."

When asked about playing Ted Logan at the age of 50, which he turns next year, the actor had this to say.

"I'm open to the idea of that. I think it's pretty surreal, playing Bill & Ted at 50. But we have a good story in that. You can see the life and joy in those characters, and I think the world can always use some life and joy."

Dean Parisot (Red 2) is attached to direct, from a script by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson. Do you think this long-awaited sequel will ever see the light of day? Chime in with your thoughts below.

In a separate interview with BBC News, Keanu Reeves confirmed that he is not involved in the Point Break remake.

"Absolutely not. It's not my place. If they can find a way to do it that works out good, then God bless them."

The remake was announced back in September 2011, with Kurt Wimmer writing the screenplay. Alcon's Andrew A. Kosove, who is producing with Broderick Johnson, revealed in December 2011 that a director would be announced soon, although that was the last we heard about the remake. The producer also said that surfing would be prominently featured in the new version, along with other extreme sports. Keanu Reeves starred in the original film as FBI agent Johnny Utah, who infiltrates the surfing community to find a group of bank robbers.

Bill & Ted 3 is in development and stars Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves. The film is directed by Dean Parisot.